The National Forest Corporation (Corporación Nacional Forestal), hereinafter “CONAF “ or “Corporation” indistinctively, it is a Chilean private organization, dependent on the Ministry of Agriculture. CONAF mission is to contribute to the sustainable management of native forests, xerophytic formations and forest plantations through the promotion, control of forest-environmental legislation, protection of vegetation resources, as well as the conservation of biological diversity through the National Protected System of Wild Areas, for the benefit of society.

In order to improve the experience of visiting the Protected Wild Areas administered by CONAF, a system for the sale of tickets and booking service has been developed for the National System of Wild Areas Protected by the State, hereinafter SNASPE.

For these purposes, the "User" or "Visitor" is suggested to read carefully the terms and conditions stated on CONAF website, along with the scopes of purchase of the ticket or electronic ticket, hereinafter the “ticket” or "tickets".

At the moment of buying the tickets through CONAF website, the Visitor accepts the conditions established in this document, expressing his total agreement with these.

In case of using the SNASPE ticketing website, it is mandatory for the User to fill in all the required fields of the registration form with valid information in order to purchase the online services provided on the platform by CONAF.

For every user , the access to this platform is restricted by security codes, so the Visitors are responsible for all the operations carried out in their profiles.


The User of CONAF website agrees to use the platform solely for personal purposes.

The purpose of CONAF website is to make available to all Users:

a) Information about tickets sales for the Wild Areas Protected by the State; and

b) A ticketing system for those, according to the conditions defined for each event.

Content published on the platform may not be downloaded, modified or altered, in any ways.

The content and software on this site are property of CONAF and they are protected under the laws and regulations governing Intellectual Property, contained in Law 17.336.

The User of CONAF website may not use this for illegal purposes, detrimental to the interests or rights of third parties, or which in any way may damage, disable, overload, deteriorate or impede the normal use of the website, the computer equipment or the documents, files and all kinds of content stored on any CONAF computer equipment.

Any violation of the platform terms of use by the User will imply the cancellation of the account and the invalidation of the purchases.

CONAF reserves the right to take any steps that it deems appropriate for infringement cases.


The purchase of tickets to the Wild Areas Protected by the State, made by the User, are nominative and non-transferable and will be used on the day and place selected, according to the validity and terms indicated in the conditions of the specific rate of the Unit. Resale of tickets to these areas is likewise strictly prohibited.

As long as the user does not check in, the validity of the ticket will be one year, after this period the ticket loses its validity and its return is not possible.

The advance purchase of the ticket does not imply preferential treatment or access to the facilities by the Visitor, but it does improve the Visitor's experience by allowing faster and more fluid access to the place that is visited.

The final price to pay for every ticket purchased through the website will be made up only of the base ticket price, according to the Wild Area Protected by the State to be visited.

The website allows the visitor to save the progress of the purchase process, therefore, it is recommended to carefully review the detail of the order, before confirming the purchase.

The transaction will be subject to verification by the credit card issuer or another means of payment chosen by the User.

The transaction would not be complete until CONAF receives the authorization and the transfer from the respective financial institution. If CONAF does not receive this confirmation, the purchase will be cancelled, leaving the transaction without effect.

The User will be compelled to carry the ticket that contains the QR code, whether printed or in any digital device. This code is displayed directly on the CONAF website and has no additional cost for the User, and must be presented at the access control to the Wild Area Protected by the State, together with the identity card or passport of each person.

The User who buys the ticket through the website, will receive at the registered email address, the ticket or tickets purchased and also an electronic receipt for the entire purchase made as a proof of the transaction

The sale of tickets on the website could be conditional on the availability of tickets for the day the Visitor wants to visit the selected Wild Area Protected by the State.

CONAF disclaims all liability for damages of any kind, which may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of operation of the website.

The User is responsible for buying the tickets of the corresponding tariff segment (number of days, age range, national or foreign, special discounts). In the event that the User shows up at the entrance of the unit with a different ticket, this ticket will be voided, without the right to return. To enter the unit, the User must buy the ticket that corresponds to the segment, using the website www.aspticket.cl or the means indicated at the gate.


An assistance service is available to Users in order to answer any doubts they may have regarding the terms and conditions, as well as to provide alternative solutions to those problems that are generated with the services provided by the sale of tickets through the website.

Users may take advantage of the service by sending an e-mail through the contact forms available on the website www.aspticket.cl


The User will be responsible for the veracity of the information provided to CONAF, as well as for updating or modifying them. If the information does not correspond to the User who wants to enter the unit, he or she must abide by what is indicated in the last paragraph of Conditions of Sale.

It is the sole responsibility of the User to find out about the weather conditions and security conditions when visiting the Wild Areas Protected by the State. In addition to movement restrictions and permissions by the health authority regarding COVID19

The Visitor to the Wild Area Protected by the State is compelled to keep the QR code available at all times, both when entering the Unit and in the different sectors, since it may be required by the Park Ranger staff.

The visitor is compelled to activate their check in and check out of QR codes respectively.


CONAF will ensure that the information contained in the website is complete, accurate and updated. However, it does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy or validity of all the information provided. Therefore, CONAF is exempt, according to the regulations, of any responsibility for damages, of any nature, that may be due to the presence of virtual viruses or other elements in the content that may produce alterations in the computer system, electronic documents or user files.

Uninterrupted and error-free service is not guaranteed and it does not assure any specific result from the use of the website.

In cases of inaccuracies or errors, CONAF reserves the right to correct or make changes without prior notice.

CONAF is not liable for damages or injuries suffered by Users or third parties during the visit to the different Wild Areas Protected by the State.

Likewise, CONAF is not liable for the expenses incurred by the Users for the purchase, assistance, modification or cancellation of any ticket.

CONAF may cancel the sale of tickets to the different Wild Areas Protected by the State due to state of necessity, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, to safeguard and protect the ecosystems in those areas as well as the protection of workers and visitors.

The cancellation of the ticket will be notified to the User registered e-mail on the website, in addition to publishing the situation on the website.

Regarding services free of charge or exemptions that can be provided in each of the units attached to the website, these could suffer cancellation or modifications of conditions and in which case the changes or adjustments do not entitle CONAF to any compensation. Therefore, it is suggested that the User is informed in advance in the respective Unit that he or she wants to visit.